Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend rewind

It was a good weekend.... I was able to get some time on the bike both Friday for Jane's birthday ride and ensuing activities and Saturday for a short ride with Lou doing an urban mountain bike assualt for an hour before meeting up with the DMCC group who were doing their first group ride of the year.

Friday was a pretty cool relaxed fun ride to celebrate Jane turning 30. We checked out the course for their upcoming duathlon series at Waterworks Park and rolled slowly around there to see what the spring flooding had done to the roads. There will definitely be some sketchy spots on the bike leg, but hopefully everyone makes it through rubber side down and shiny side up. We had a great dinner at A-Dong restaurant which I'd never been to before, but will definitely be back. Miranda and Corley met us at dinner to hang out and say hi along with showing off the "I'm a little punk" shirt that was modelled here last week. A short and brisk ride down to the Bike Kollective put us in a party mode with beer, wine, and snacks flowing. Met some new people and hung around taking everything in. Seems I'm a loner even in a crowd. I'm not sure why that is as I enjoy good conversation and typically do a reasonably passable job of holding my end up, but getting the topic going seems to be hard for me. So, more often than not, I'm like the kids back in the day that were expected to be seen and not heard. Hopefully my social ineptitude doesn't keep me from being invited out.

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a ride on Saturday when my phone announced I had a new message. Almost magically, my plan came together with an invite to take on the urban obstacles on mountain bikes at 7:30. I figured out I could hit that ride and still sneak over to get more mileage with the DMCC group while getting a workout on the MTB. For the 2 of you that read this blog, you'll remember I got my ass kicked by a simple concrete curb a couple weeks ago so I was still a bit hesitant on hitting things up. Lou and I were on mountain bikes while the other two showed up on cross bikes sighting that keeping up with Lou is next to impossible when riding equal gear. Luckily we were running a pretty relaxed pace and just played around for the hour I hung out with them.

The DMCC ride was a pretty small group due to the colder weather... Hmm, seems 32 degrees qualifies as too cold to ride for a number of folks. Ahh well, more road and trail for me to enjoy! I knew a few people on the ride and chatted them up along with some of the newcomers as we made our way down to Martensdale at a pretty relaxed pace. I'm definitely glad I was on the mountain bike as I could work a little at the pace we were running and Warren county managed to FUBAR the trail by starting spring clearing last week without brooming the brush back off the trail. Somehow everyone managed to avoid flats, but I was having fun busting through the brush and hopping sticks. A brief fuel stop in Martensdale and we were back on the road. I stayed with the group until we regrouped at Cumming and then I just kept my pace steady from there and everyone melted back.

Sunday left us having some family time. We took Corley to hang out at the Science Center for a while. She always has a blast playing down there. We renewed our family membership for the year as well. A lot of playing hard led to a good nap and I have to say I partook of the nap time as well dozing off while the Nascar race was on. Last night led to some much needed cleaning and maintenance on the road bike. I tore it down to the frame and crankset (I didn't have the right crank removal tool). Everything got a cleaning and wax, I put some snazzy new silver bar tape on, new brake pads, and even adjusted the cabling since I had also installed a new 11-23 cassette and chain. All in all, a good weekend.

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