Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FDR Park!

Fdr park in Dubuque kicked all sorts of ass. Wild mix of easy to expert type stuff with a lot of mossy rocks and roots interspersed with buttery smooth singletrack. Definitely a good amount of climbing, but nothing too gnarly that I found anyway. And ya I rode the "skinny" more rickety than anything else.

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Brian said...

Sweet. I'm going to be at a wedding up there over the 4th. I wasn't going to take my bike, but now I am. Now, to break it to my wife...

Iowagriz said...

How did you post 3pics from the phone? I've tried and failed. Looks like a good ride.

Buckshot77 said...

Brian- definitely grab the bike, its well worth having to break the news. Its a bit hard to find, but nirvana once you're there.

Tom- when you get your original message all done, you should have a little deal that you can press for "options" and one of those options is to add a slide. FYI, I'm doing this straight through blogger now and not flickr so that makes a difference too and you can do video as well as long as it's not too big to send (about 10-15 seconds seems to be the cutoff).

Lance Andre said...

I'll be up there on the 4th... as well as lots of others, post something to IORCA and you'll have some seasoned tour guides that will help you hook the trails up into a nice 10 mile loop.

There are 4 great off-road trails near DBQ (FDR, Blockhouse, Plattville, Fritz Farm) - all are a must ride trail system.