Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bone Bummer

Race postponed until the 18th of April. Definitely a bummer as it runs up on top of the opening salvo in the IORCA series, but alas, it is what it is. I'm sort of relieved as it gives me a bit more time to tweak things and un-tweak others (namely my left leg).

My bike was a mess when I tore into it last night and definitely wasn't going to be fun to clean up and service just to trash it again this weekend. I'll take some time to do some serious spring cleaning now and stay off the bike for another day before getting back on track. I'm hoping to get healthy enough to hit TNWC starting next week and hang onto the Q group (inside joke).

I'll try to put something together over lunch reviewing the various thoughts and things I learned after CIRREM.

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